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Alert user when patient is scheduled for same type of appointment within a certain time frame.

We have too many patients that are scheduled days apart for the same type of appointmenttment. Some of our patients will schedule a year out (2 prophy appointments). The next staff member that sees them in 6 months may not know this and will schedule them an addional appointment that could be the same day or a few days apart from the original year appointment. Continuing care alerts do not work in this situation because it only states that it is linked to another appointment, but it doesn't specify the date. For example, we had someone scheduled for prophy on Wednesday and Thursday this week and another patient was scheduled on the same day, but morning and afternoon.

It would also be beneficial to know if there are any family members coming in close to that time frame in case we can schedule them on the same day.

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  • Aug 7 2023
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