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WE need to be able to use LESS spaces to add and look at claim notes like we could before. The current way puts way too many line items in a space that takes extra clicks to utilize. (I wont even start breaking down the problems with the "new" way when you enter batch claims and the notes do not show up at all. Please change it back.

What we use the claim status note for:

  1. To write any note about the claim, back and forth from staff and when we sent to ins for updates.

  2. When we talk to the patient about the claim OR the insurance about the claim

  3. When we create the claim- the Front Office writes a note in the claim status notes IF the patients is using a FSA or HSA to pay. FSA and HSA should not be run until the EOB has been processed, so this is the only process we can do to make sure we get paid from HSA/FSA.

So, when the claim is back weather I enter the claim in the insurance patch processor or a single claim at a time the claim status note will pop up on the screen and I can visually see all the notes (WITHOUT having to click and scroll through unnecessary status lines). * we all hate that if there is an attachment the status goes into the status note twice. and sometimes just to get the attachments to send the claim has to be batched multiple times. when this happens we have 4 batched claim status notes for a 1 minute time frame. If you are worried about people deleting than that should have been updated to track or allow within the password settings.


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  • May 1 2023
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