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Pinboard pop ups

I am not happy about the Pop ups for the pinboard. It is time consuming, and we never needed it before. Now it takes longer to help the patient and a waste of time. Please allow us to be able to turn it off if we choose.

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  • Apr 13 2023
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  • Maddy Moses commented
    15 May, 2023 06:23pm

    Agreed! I understand the idea behind the option to keep a copy of the appointment the schedule but I feel it actually creates more potential problems than it solves. At least with the prior iteration, it would function one way if you right click to move to Pinboard and the other way if you drag the appointment. Having to make the selection each time is time consuming and easier for staff to screw up. It would be nice if it either went back to the way it was or if we could set a practice default preference.