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We joined KLEER. They handle the monthly payments on their end. We would like to track these payments in our ledger. Is there a way to make a future payment charge and payment that wouldn't actually charge a credit card but just track the payments they are making through another company. Or have an option to opt out of a card payment if one is listed. Having a card option would be helpful for keeping track of payment plans for other things. Kleer does have a way of integrating their payments into the dentrix ledger but it does post the same day and it messes up the day totals. Thank you.

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  • Mar 31 2023
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  • Mar 31, 2023

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    Thank you for posting to Dentrix Ideas! As this is not a Henry Schein One product, we are limited in how we can assist. Please work with the 3rd party and request they contact our Dentrix Developer Program team at

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