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Insurance ID Numbers for different family members

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  • Feb 21 2023
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  • DONNA OSTERRIED commented
    20 Jul, 2023 05:35pm

    Effective 7/1/23, UPMC Dental Advantage requires the appropriate suffix on each ID#. i.e. the subscriber is xxxx-01; spouse xxxx-02, child #1 is xxxx-03, etc. With only being able to put in the subscriber's ID#, claims will be denied if you don't go in and change it to match the patient's number. We often have multiple family members in at a time. This will be difficult!!

  • Kirk DentrixUserfor13years commented
    16 Mar, 2023 09:45pm

    I haven't come across an insurance that requires a separate Subscriber ID for dependents. Some IDs end with -01, -02, -03 etc but when submitting claims without these endings, these still are accepted by thousands of insurance groups we've seen so far.

  • Mandi H commented
    15 Mar, 2023 06:19pm

    100% agreed. Please implement! We do not come across this too often but we do have a handful of accounts who have a coverage under the subscriber but all different member ID #s for each family member. Each family member requires their member ID to be changed every time we send a claim in. Very inconvenient.

  • Guest commented
    21 Feb, 2023 03:49pm

    Some insurance companies are issuing different ID numbers for family members.

    The program only allows one ID # under the subscriber and when the claim is for a family member the insurance companies are denying the claim. To be able to add the family member ID number in addition to the subscriber # would be very helpful and save the office time in having to call the insurance company to correct the claim.