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Sedative Fillings charted in Patient Chart

I would suggest that users can add chartings to patients files. Easier yet, if you could chart sedative fillings so they appear on Patient chart. Similar to the way that Sealants or Silver Diamine Fl appear when charted.

It would benefit the entire team to know when a patient has a filling of a sedative nature on their chart.

My doctor's use a Sedative filling on pediatric patients, geriatric patients or patients who can not afford resin Fillings. The material used often looks like calculus and hygienists work to REMOVE Sedative filling material because they are unaware the medicament filling has been placed on the chart.

As of now, you can chart the filling on file but it will not change the look of the surface. I have attached a picture for reference. I would also make the sedative filling Yellow (because it kinda looks like that and is meant to be temporary)

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  • Jan 31 2023
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