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Outstanding treatment, Treatment on Hold, Declined treatment

We often have our treatment coordinator pulll outstanding treatment to fill doctors schedule when schedule falls apart.
One approach is call people and try and schedule and if they don't make a note (music note)next to the treatment that when opened that may say patient declined, patient wants to wait for such and such a reason. The problem is this treatment never falls off this list and it becomes redundant every time they print out all unscheduled outstanding treatment. Cumbersome!
Another approach is that the girls put the treatment plan in the document center and delete the pending treatment with a note in the chart saying why it was deleted. You now dont know what treatment has been recommended by the doctor. But it does solve the problem of landing on the redundant list for outstanding and unscheduled treatment as it has been deleted.

Green/Yellow/Red system
-turn all required treatment green (if green already exists use a different color for the green currently in use by default)
-if a patient wants the treatment but is not ready yet (ex extraction but they want to wait until it bothers them, waiting for new benefits, waiting for insurance to renew etc) This button can be called On Hold and when highlighting green treatment and clicking this button it turns green treatment to yellow and a prompt comes up where you put in the note (music note) why it is on hold
-if a patient declines treatment there is a button called (declined treatment). Simply highlighting green or yellow treatment and clicking this button would turn the treatment red This would force the popup where a note (music note) for the reason why it was declined.

Yellow and red items do not make in on the unscheduled and outstanding treatment list. Redundancy solved!

It also solves the problems to track what the Dentist suggests as it can still be viewed when declined as it is never erased.

The history of what the Dentist recommends is as important as tracking existing conditions, conditions, disease and treatment.

Hope this is clear.

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  • Sep 22 2022
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