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insur payment made to ledger, but no cheque, as was pre deposit by insur to co. bank acct.

We are being forced now to no longer have cheques issued by one of our insur co's for our patients, and we don't know how to balance at days end if we have no cheque ? as it would be auto deposited by company to office bank account previously to us receiving the statement, showing such. If I enter a cheque # when I enter to summary of items/ paid by insur co to each patients separate ledger, when days end comes, I have no cheque or cheq # to enter for this transactions, so how can we show this >? there should be a option of INSUR PYMT DEPOSIT/Bank= DATE ? maybe ? or do you have any suggestions for us on how to do this and not screw up for the deposits/ copies going out to accountant each week ?

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  • Sep 7 2022
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