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Allow access to database that would allow users to run any analytics report imaginable based on criteria of our choosing

There is a ton of information in our Dentrix database that we can not get access to. Dentrix could give read access only to the data in the database that could be extracted and entered into an excel spreadsheet then sorted. I know there are a few reports and ways of doing this with some of the dataset, but there needs to be more.

For instance...

Today I'm trying to run a series of reports that would show me how much we have collected on new patients only within the past 12,24 and 36 months verses patients that have been here longer.

Last month I had an employee stealing from me. So I wanted to run a report that showed me different adjustment information and after calling Dentrix support and talking to three people for over two hours there were no options.

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  • Aug 12 2022
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