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Visit sequence #s in the Tx Plan Case SetUp should transfer to the TxPlan Ledger

In the Treatment Planner Screen, on the side bar with Tx Plan Case SetUp, I am able to assign a Visit Number for each procedure. (Visit 1, Visit 2, Visit 3).

The receptionists do not book the patient using this screen, rather they use the TxPlan Ledger screen (with Pink and White lines). So it would be very helpful if the Visit Numbers could transfer to the Ledger Screen for ease of booking appointments.

***It would also REALLY help if we could include the number of units for each visit in the Pink/White ledger. On each line, one tab could be for writing in the units, so that it is easily seen.

Thank you for considering! This would absolutely streamline the process of passing information to the receptionists as the patient is leaving the clinic.

  • K D
  • Jun 17 2022
  • Needs review
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