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Create a link between a fee schedule and Payment Table-Allowed Amounts

In the benefits and coverage table, you can copy a fee schedule to populate the Allowed Amounts column. It would be wonderful if you could lock that fee with the payment table, so that later when the fee schedule is updated, it can prompt with something like "This fee schedule is used to update the Allowed Amounts for the following insurance carriers. Would you like to update the Payment Table and Allowed Amounts for these plans?[then show a list of the carriers with checkboxes next to each, all selected by default] " The user could keep all selected or remove /select plans as desired, then click Yes to autoamtically push the updated fees into those plans.

  • Ryan
  • Jun 8 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Maria Berardi commented
    22 Aug, 2022 04:18pm

    I totally agree! The fee schedule used in the Allowed section should automatically update with changes to the fee schedule. Manually updating it to more than 100 plans when a fee change occurs is counter productive and definitely leaves room for human error.