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Privilage to use autonotes(clincal notes template)

Dentrix has the option to add clinical notes templates. I would like to see is there is a way to add who can use those auto notes (clinical notes template). I know eaglesoft has one where non-clinical staff or unwanted staff cannot access the autonotes(no adding to use in clinical notes, no editing etc).

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  • Apr 25 2022
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  • Tanya Mundt commented
    30 Sep, 2023 11:01pm

    I agree. When a dentist has organized their office and made their templates they do not like just anyone coming in and changing it on them. They have either written them or a staff has helped them there should be a lock so that not just anyone can alter them without the dentist knowing or at the very least a notification to the account holder as to what was changed. All too often there is a staff member who changes items they have no right to. Most dentists are very anal and don't like change unless they approve. It is not easy to see what was changed and by whom unless you have them saved somewhere else so that they can be changed to how you really want them to be.