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Allow to set the next recall without completing the current recall

I am very upset that latest version has changed how we can attach a recall appointment to a future appointment without setting the current appointment complete. This makes no sense to me. I can optimize my time but setting up the next recall before the patient is taken back to their current appointment. Why does the system even warn you that there is another continuing care appointment and asking if you want to attack the new continuing care if it really doesn't attach it to the correct date that you have just set up. Now I have 3 people waiting to make there next recall appointment and it creates a line at my desk instead of doing it ahead of time. Now my recall is all messed up and I spend alot of time trying to correct the issue. Appointment reminders and recall reminders are messed up due to this update.

  • Tracy
  • Apr 13 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Monica C commented
    20 Apr, 2022 02:49pm

    Beyond frustrating, wasting a lot of time, our recall is all messed up now. Please change it back to the old way.