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Recare system is too cumbersome and prone to human error

Dentrix should be able to handle the continuing care based on the procedure code not by dental office workers having to "set up" a "continuing care" type. when we have to add and link all this together for you, we make mistakes and do not do it correctly. Therefore the continuing care lists are NOT accurate and we loose patients through the cracks. For us to go through thousands of patients to make sure we didn't make a mistake on some of them is not an option. My need is for Dentrix to make program the software to handle all continuing care using the actual procedure codes for perio and prophy. The software should be programed to know if they have a 1110 scheduled or not. I should not have to "set up" this system. We have far to many employees making appointments for it to get set up correctly, therefore the CC lists are inaccurate we do not know who is truly overdue. Please make the continuing care system more automated and eliminate the "cc types" and the way we have to link it to the appt. We cannot do all this without many errors.

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  • Mar 31 2022
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