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Hybrid Data Base between Cloud & Locally stored Data (Dedicated Server Database)

When working with Patient Engage it so happens that the scheduling info on Dentrix Ascend is retrieved by Patient Engage at least one hour later. The worst scenario is what happened to our office: Patient Engage and Dentrix Ascend got "disconnected" there was no communication between them because this system is cloud base and it overwhelms the whole system.

In the light of Speedy Technology Evolution, I suggest that a Hybrid type is developed combining Dentrix (feet on the ground so to speak- hard drive)) and Dentrix Ascend (cloud base) and give Dentist the option to split the data between them. This way would help the better performance, better results, happier clients and more monetary assets adding up for Henry Schein.

This is the same logic working already for Cellphones.

Please, consider this seriously as currently the system is dysfunctional.

Thank you

Julia K

  • Jenise Thomas
  • Mar 4 2022
  • Needs review
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