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Fix How 1-Surface Buccal Restoration Paints on Posteriors

In the patient Chart, when you post a 1-surface restoration involving the buccal surface of a posterior tooth, it paints looking like an "occluso-buccal" restoration. It's not a major issue except that when I look at the chart, it appears that the restoration involves the buccal cusp tip or buccal groove. Because of this, when I post the procedure, I have to add a Note to it explaining/clarifying that the restoration refers to a small spot on the mid-buccal. Clinically, when the patient presents for the procedure, it's always the same scenario: I check intraorally and do not see the OB defect to be restored... I always have to take a bunch of extra chair time to filter all the Procedures to isolate that tooth and then open up the Procedure note to clarify what area we really are looking at. This also adds significantly to the possibility of cross-contamination: having to use the mouse/keyboard when having to "work-around" this issue. See the attachment: on the left is how the software currently paints a Facial/Buccal restoration - the left is how it's supposed to look.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Jan 18 2022
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