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Balancing Batch Payments when adding additional payment

The issue is with "partial payments" in the ledger under "Batch Insurance Payments". When I entered the "additional payment" today (January), the final tally of the payments included the payment from there was no way I could balance. Sadly this happened on a "U" patient (alphabetically), so I had already entered $6000 worth of payments from "A-T". Will have to delete all payments and enter them as a NON BATCH. This is not as good for our book keeping. Hopefully you will find a fix for this in the future. Very Frustrating.

  • Nelle Pedersen
  • Jan 6 2022
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  • Nelle Pedersen commented
    6 Jan, 2022 05:53pm

    UPDATE: When I finally closed out of the batch insurance payment, and said "NO" that I didn't want to save it (because I was going to start from scratch), all of the payments remained in the ledger. This was SUPER helpful. When I looked at today's deposit slip in the office manager, it had the CORRECT total on it. It appears that in the background Dentrix was working correctly, but from what we were looking at in the batch insurance payments, there was no way it would balance. I had to speak to 3 different (and all excellent) Dentrix Tech's and nobody could see this. Hopefully this is now an easier fix than originally thought.