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Do not allow a doctor/employee to enter a new clinical note in patient's record in advance of their appointment date for the current month

We have hygienists that routinely see a patient every three months for periodontal maintenance. To save time, they will create a new clinic note in the patient's chart, in advance of their appointment date, and copy and paste their last note in. This is by far a "large" security problem. This would allow people to create future notes in a patient's chart (in current month) without anyone knowing. It has been my experience that a software program would only allow a new note to be created from the appointment status. Once the status of an appointment is changed to "arrived", then you would be able to create a new note for that day's appointment. I would recommend that this be a "high" priority for Dentrix to fix.

  • Brenda Dekan
  • Dec 8 2021
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