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Allow us to schedule more than 20 procedures in an appointment. When doing full mouth extractions we need to be able to put more than 20 procedures

Who decided that you could only schedule 20 procedures on one appointment. We do sedation dentristy and it is common to do more than 20 procedures at one appointment I end up making two appointments back to back to get all the procedures in. When removing all teeth for dentures we are removing up to 32 teeth at one appointment. You can't schedule all teeth at one appointment because of your 20 procedure limitation. REMOVE THAT LIMITATION

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  • Nov 16 2021
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  • Brian Travers commented
    29 Aug, 2023 04:29pm

    Agreed! We are a Pediatric office and run into the same thing. SO MANY unnecessary limitations in Dentrix.

    Developers: please allow every area to have more characters/listed items so the software can be used as it should and we dont have to find abbreviations or other shortcuts to do what is expected to be done by the software. What are you really saving by having these limitations? characters in the database storage?

    Thank you

  • Shelbi Tiroux commented
    22 May, 2023 04:39pm

    so annoying!!

  • Guest commented
    20 Dec, 2021 08:58pm