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Multiply windows for Family File and Ledger for Insurance reasons

There are times when insurance people are working on one patient and have to call an insurance company that places them on hold for a very long time. Because you can only open one patient at a time in these windows it doesn't allow you to work on anyone else while on hold without completely closing whatever you're working on. Then when a rep picks up you have to ask them to hold to get to a stopping place on whatever you were working on for another patient so you can go back to the first. The only other solution to this problem now is to just sit and wait until someone picks up at the insurance company so you can resolve the issue and then move on to the next patient. This is a ENORMOUS WASTE OF TIME in offices and is ridiculously inefficient! The solution would be to allow 2 different windows for 2 different patients to be open so while we're waiting on hold for resolution from an insurance call we can continue to work on another patient, rather than having to close out of the entire thing and go back or just sit and wait wasting time.

  • Raymond F.
  • Nov 8 2021
  • Needs review
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