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Please allow chart notations to be typed text instead of just drawn

Hi! I would like to suggest that charting notations also have the option to simply have written notations, not just drawn ones with a mouse "pen." We use the notations to delineate ON THE CHART (since there is not option) when someone has a sleep apnea device, Night guard, or invisalign. However, our DDS HATES how ugly the chart looks when its penciled in on the chart. Can you just add the option to type text into the tooth chart as well as a part of the chart notations so that things can look cleaner? Thank you!!!!

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  • Nov 2 2021
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  • Leon Gerard commented
    3 May, 2022 07:09pm

    I completely agree and have been advocating for this since 2006! See the attachments: the 1st one is what the patient's chart looks like now, using a digital pen and tablet; the 2nd is what the chart "could" look like if the text functionality that already exists in Presenter were copied and added to the Chart Notations tool palette. This is really how critical medical alerts should be noted on the chart so they are always "in our face": just the way we used to do with paper charts where we would use a big red marker on the chart...we could never NOT see it!! Please vote for this or they'll never do it.