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Provide sufficiant support for the west coast

Our office having issues with the last two updates. The answer from support tends to be to do a DB sweep. In order to do this all workstations cannot be using Dentrix. Support will not schedule a time so we can do this outside of our scheduled patients. I came into work 1/2 hour early to call support, I was told the sweep would only take about 10 minutes and the hold time shouldn't be long at 6:45 Pacific time. I called at 6:35 and was placed on hold. I waited till 7:05 before an agent picked up. Of course by then it would be too late to do the sweep in time for us to begin our day. I don't understand why an appointment can't be made. The answer from support is to call earlier. How much earlier? Is it practical to pay a team member overtime because Dentrix cannot offer support within a reasonable time or offer appointments to be helped outside of schdueld patients?

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  • Oct 6 2021
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