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Dental Insurance Benefits dialog box ICON added to other locations

Since our COVID-19 shutdown in Mar/Apr/May of 2020, we have trained our team of 25 to make financial arrangements in the back office, front office, anywhere. It would be very helpful to add the Dental Insurance Benefits dialog box (the blue box icon with the $ sign--currently only among the icons in the Treatment Planner) to other locations in Dentrix, especially in the patient's chart and among the icons at the top of the Appointment Book. The information in the Dental Insurance Benefits dialog box is very helpful for back office team members b/c it shows what INS has paid already to date, if there are any pending INS payments, and what the patient has remaining on their max. If we can access this information easier, it will help us determine FA quicker and easier. Thank you!

  • Kimball Larsen, DDS
  • Sep 23 2021
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