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Add Link To Patient's Age / Birthdate In Lab Case Setup Window

Please add a link to the patient's birthdate / age info to the Lab Case setup window. When I am entering the new case info into the lab's online portal, they always ask for the patient's age. There is no easy way for me to access that info: I either have to open the patient's chart and then go into their Info screen, or I have to launch their Family File... or I simply have to guess their age... If there was a button inside the Lab Case setup dialog box that would show this info...or if this info simply populated a new field inside the setup window... this would simplify things.

This same issue applies - but even more so - in the Prescription module: when calling in an Rx, the pharmacy always requires the patient's date of birth... this info should simply be included in a field in the Rx setup window.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Jul 1 2021
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