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SAVE previous questionnaires without overwriting

Again, Dentrix is behind the times. Since (as someone else stated) it is recommended that health histories are updated annually, there is, apparently (I was told this by 1-800-DENTRIX) NO WAY to save your previous health history as a legal and medical proof that you verified it. When you open the questionnaire, it only updates (& WRITES OVER) the previous answers.

EVERY PRACTICE and PROVIDER would benefit by Dentrix having the capability of being a truly paperless PMS.

Currently, there is then no way to reference the PREVIOUS questionnaire to evaluate for changes. And heaven-forbid your record was ever in court, there would be no proof that you had actually had the patient sign as to the status of their health.

The only way to save the current questionnaire is to go through a laborious number of "clicks" (6 at least) in order to save the document to the Document Center. THEN there are several more clicks to actually get the document into the DC. No provider has time for that nonsense during an appointment.

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  • Jun 30 2021
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