Dentrix Ideas

The Insurance Exceptions Window Needs More Options

The new exceptions table is a great feature, but it needs a few adjustments to work really well. To begin with, we really need to be able to type more than 2 digits for the numerical spots. Some insurance plans do say 120 months instead of 10 years and this difference is important to be able to note properly. We also think that it should give the option of "per benefit year" rather than "per service year" because we normally do not see this terminology used and it may be misleading. Benefit year is the most commonly used term so we would like this option instead. We also think that the "per tooth" option is great but it would be helpful to have a "per tooth surface" option for codes that include fillings and related procedures. Under the tooth type dropdown it would also be helpful to have the option of "unrestored" this is most commonly seen for sealants, but it would be a helpful option to have. It would also be helpful to be able to track insurance rollover for individual patients someway in this window. Thank you!

  • Alexis Shanks
  • Jun 30 2021
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