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Putting hygiene in doctor's color

Our doctors would love to have hygiene in "their" color. Instead of a different color for each hygienist, have the ability to put the hygiene patients in the doctor's color so they know which operatories they need to go in to do exams!

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  • Apr 22 2021
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    24 Apr, 2021 07:21am

    what we did to get around this is make each hygiene provider have 2 provider codes...

    for example your first hygienist may have HYG2 and HYG22

    Second HYG3 and HYG23

    Your first doc checks only HYG2 and HYG3 which have their own separate and unique colors from HYG22 and 23

    Does that make sense? Basically when they are working for one doc the hygienist is a “different provider” from when she/he working for the second. Can also track hygiene production for each doctor this way if you choose. It’s one extra step but once it’s set up it’s easy.