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Determine what the oldest scans in the Document Center are

It would be very helpful to have a way to see what the first scan in the Document Center was. While there is a way to find when the first items were scanned into the Document Center, there is no way to see what that item was (the description of the scan -- a referral, x-ray, pt chart, etc) or who / what patient chart that item was scanned into (since then you could manually go to that patient's document center to check for yourself what that scan was).

This would be beneficial for offices that still hold on to physical charts, but are trying to be paperless. For example, offices that are not sure the exact date full charts began being completely scanned in (aka when patient charts became fully paperless) would then be able to know which physically charts the office needs to still hold onto and/or which physical charts they need to scan into Document Center still. Since there's a grey area between being fully physical and fully paperless, it would be nice to see the descriptions for the items that were the first being scanned in, or even what patient chart that they were being scanned into. This would help offices to get rid of charts that are fully scanned in, while also making sure offices keep charts that don't have anything in the Document Center.

This idea is similar to another idea on here to "Search the Document Center by date scanned", but with just a few more options. If you added the search by date scanned feature, you could also add an option that shows everything scanned chronologically in general. This could even be more simplified to showing a list of dates that scans were done, with an option to click on the date to show exactly what items and what chart the scans are located in. It would help with not only finding missing patient forms (like what was mentioned in the "Search Document Center" idea), but would also help to see what the oldest scans put in the Document Center were for offices transitioning between physical and paperless charts. I've attached a pdf that kind of shows a rough idea of what this could look like.

I'm sure that this would be a very beneficial feature for many offices that are transitioning from physical to paperless charts!

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  • Apr 9 2021
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