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Set up PPO plan

In other software's, there is the ability for our office to bill the insurance our office fees and have our office fees reflect in the patients chart and when the claim comes in and it will show how much our office writes off for being in network with that insurance company. It also shows the patient this. Currently, Dentrix doesn't allow that. Dentrix shows our contracted fee in the patient's ledger and our office fee goes to the insurance. This isn't good because our fee and our contracted amount don't always match and it's difficult to track how much we as an office are writing off.

This will allow us to look at the patients estimated copay easily as well.

What I'm looking for is essentially:

Pri claim $100 Delta Dental

Est payment pending: $50

Est PPO Writeoff: $50

Est patient portion: $0

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  • Apr 8 2021
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