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Allergy category

When setting up/modifying a Health History Questionnaire.... there is the ability to ask 'what medications are you taking' they can fill it in and it is imported into the Healthy History Medications based on the fact that the field is PI-Medications. Likewise the field PI-Health History allows the importation of diseases that the patient marks into the red cross 'Health History' However, the allergies are not the same. In the red cross is you title it Penicillin that is how it will show up on the Questionnaire. Does that mean the patient is taking Penicillin?? Or you can add the redundant word 'Allergy' prior to the word Penicillin in the ALLERGY tab. What's equally challenging is that the allergies show up in the 'Have you had this condition?' There should be a separate category of PI-Allergies that could be used under the heading 'What are you allergic to?' in the Questionnaire that would then import it to the red cross Allergy Tab.

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  • Mar 19 2021
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