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First visit setting

I have noticed that the first visit date is acually the file creation date. This will scew the NP report. Mabey import the 1st completed procedure date to that field so that the NP report reflects the patients true first visit date

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  • Mar 11 2021
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  • jeffrey bartnik commented
    13 Feb 09:52pm


    I have now (hopefully) found my own solution... when creating the family file for the new patient you can remove the first visit date. (when you click to "edit" the patients info) And I am "assuming" when the patient comes in next week that Dentrix will generate the correct "first visit date" after their first appointment is post, set, complete. (after calling I figured out this option)

    I just called and inquired about this. I wrote this when they requested my feedback after they remoted in and were unable to help. "When creating a new patient family file... prior to the patient's "first visit" appointment. It automatically generates the patient's "first visit date" to the day we create the family file and NOT when the patient is actually being seen, which is normally a week or so later."

  • Imahn Moin commented
    1 Nov, 2021 10:33pm

    This needs to be changed. The First Visit Date should show the actual first visit. Dentrix Ascend only populates this when something is posted to the Ledger, which makes sense! Dentrix should be like this too, so that the patient only shows up in reports for the month in which they actually show up (if they do). If something changes and the patient doesn't end up coming in, should not be showing up on reports and stats as a new patient.