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Adjustments by Guarantor and not Patient Level Only

When running adjustments in the Day Sheet, the adjustments pull in at the patient level detail. It would be advantageous to have a Guarantor or Patient level option to choose from and here's why. If your team is completing a major bad debt project to clean up AR Aging balances over 90 days, your Aging gives you the guarantor to attack, but it doesn't give you the patient level detail unless clicking in to the guarantor account. The same problem persists with the Adjustments report. If you wished to reconcile balances written off to total AR balances at a point in time, you only have the patient level adjustments and not at the guarantor level. Therefore, a quick lookup in Excel will yield you tons of misses. Say John Smith is your Guarantor. Well, his wife Jane and sons Johnny and Susie may all have really old balances. However, on the Aging, it's all under John Smith. You'll hit on his adjustment in the Day Sheet report, but miss on the other members in his family. However, if you net the total adjustments for the family, you'll likely yield zero if the entire family's account is written off. If you can run both the Aging and Adjustments by Guarantor, you can easily knock down the amount of pages and rows of data, but you can still have your option of running all adjustments at the patient level for completeness' sake.

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  • Mar 9 2021
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