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Orig claim # should auto-transfer/claim status notes Merged

The original claim number generated by Dentrix should auto-add to the orig ref # in the appropriate box without us having to comb thru records in case we need to resend the claim to insurance. Also, please remove or tell me how to remove all the "batched" notifications from the claim status notes. We have to constantly remove them manually; they take up space on the printouts, and we don't ever refer to them for any reason.

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  • Feb 2 2021
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    5 Apr, 2022 07:27pm

    We've constantly asked for this update and many others but they never happen. It's almost as if Dentrix has no knowledge of how a dental office works...or what we really need to get our jobs done. Do other businesses run into this sort of thing with their IT and computer technology? If so, maybe we need to go back to the simpler days and get rid of all this nonsense. It's more trouble than it's worth and has made a simple job of 30 years ago into an utter nightmare. All staff knows of what I speak...