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Add Tooltip Popups to Column Headers in Progress Notes

In Progress Notes view in Patient Chart, between the "Descriptions" column and the "Status" column, there are 4 narrow columns labelled "N", "R", "D" and "M". Now, I know what the "N" and "R" stand for - "Note" and "Referral" - and it would be easy enough for me to find out what the other letters stand for... in fact, in the past, I did look it up. However, it would be so easy for Development to simply add "Tooltip" popups - just like they have for the menu buttons directly above those column headers - to those column headers, so that when the user passes the cursor over them, the meaning of the letters appears. It would be a very small enhancement that would make the interface a bit more user-friendly. The alternative - or in addition - Development could have those column headers completely spelled out, just hidden, so that in case the user wishes to know what each letter stands for, they simply grab the column width adjustment divider and widen the column to reveal the full word.

  • Leon Gerard
  • Jan 27 2021
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