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Medical History grouping similar conditions together

please allow to group related medical history items together.

For example all heart related problems, all cancers problems be group together. Right now it alphabetically puts them on the questionnaire which make it to spread the similar and related coditions to be spread through questionarre. For example cancer, radition therapy , and chemotherapy all have be togther but it with put two together and one that start with R at the end.

I have noticed since we switched to a digital medication history ( from paper that was more grouped and organized), patientied are not marking a lot of their medical conditions. This is a big liability for us doctors and it a big problem on dentrix. And it needs to be fixed.

Please allow us to move the medical conditions up and down the list and put them next to each other and show them on questionarre in the same order.

I am a doctor but I was a programmers before. This should be done very easily.

Please forward this to the right department if it was sent to the wrong department

Thanks for your consideration of this very important matter

Dr. Mojgan Mehranfard

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  • Jan 1 2021
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