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Print Clinical Notes to Kyocera 5053ci

Enhancement needed to be able to print clinical notes to Kyocera office printers , all other reports print fine to the Kyocera. This issue has been reported by many and Dentrix support has no resolution other than using the document center as a clumsy workaround that shouldn't be necessary. Dentrix notes follow:

We have seen a large number of Kyocera printers having issues with printing a variety of things in Dentrix, including clinical notes. Typically they'll print nearly everything just fine, but not be able to print from only one or two specific areas of Dentrix. Other areas that are commonly problematic for Kyocera printers are billing statements and perio chart. If the office's model of Kyocera printer has an available PCL5 driver, they can install that. PCL5 drivers tend to work better than other drivers for printing from Dentrix. If they do not have a PCL5 driver available for their printer model, they can have the HT try other drivers (possibly even an emulation driver), but there is no guarantee any of that will work. A possible workaround is to print to the Document Center and then print from there (Kyocera handles PDF printing much better than printing through DXPrint or Crystal Reports). They could also print to a different PDF printer and then print that file. As of right now, we do not have a perfect fix if the customer is using a Kyocera printer, but it is possible that the other troubleshooting steps in this article could help.

  • Tom Will
  • Nov 3 2020
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