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An automatic update option for the treatment planner. A way to have a member of the staff either do it by hand, or have it available as an automatic weekly or monthly update that allows the treatment planner for all patients to get update automatically. If they have new insurance, no insurance or any kind of benefit update - this would allow that information to get updated without a staff member having to go to each patient individually to do so. It will make needed changes, or if there is no change to be made it will do nothing to the existing treatment plan. Similar to the insurance updates that happen in January for benefits that renew every calendar year - puts their deductible back and puts fresh coverage in.

  • Laura
  • Oct 29 2020
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  • Guest commented
    23 Nov, 2020 05:36pm

    This is a great idea. I'd like to add that whenever a doctor adds treatment to an existing plan, it should update the main date for the treatment plan (and leave the other procedures as the date they were originally entered). The way it updates now just seems backwards to me. The treatment plan was made in 2014 yet new treatment was added today. The treatment recall won't pick up the new treatment unless we tell it to go back to 2014 - or earlier - because it picks it up off the main date which never updates. It should just update every time to keep the "treatment plan" current, not the procedure entry date. Doctors don't make a new treatment plan every visit...or mine doesn't anyway, so this would really help if you would auto-update this. Thanks!