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Treatment not attached to Pre-determination

As a Dentrix user for 19+ years, I am so surprised that a report to catch treatment that was not submitted for pre-determination has not been created in thoughout the years in an updated versions.

I use the "Procedures not attached to insurance" monthly, quarterly and annually to stay on top of insurance claims. I would find one just like that for pre-determination so very helpful! Unfortunately, the only report that is close is the "Unscheduled Treatment" and we do not find this report useful in our practice at all. We are not looking to fill the schedule but to make sure that we are submitting proposed treatment to insurance so that patients will know what coverage they have before treatment begins. We are not in network with any plans and do this as a courtesy for our patient. And when we miss generating and submitting the pre-determination that can cause a patient to cancel an appointment or reschedule to a later date.

Thankfully it does not happen too often but enough for me to wonder if, why, how a report can be created to find "Treatment not attached to Pre-determination"?

I hope that Dentrix will consider this as I know I am not the only Dentrix office wanting such a report. Thank you!

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  • Oct 17 2020
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