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Allow us to select insurance subscribers from outside of the currently selected family.

Allow users to select any patient as the insurance subscriber/insured party. Do not limit to family members. Does not want to enter patients more than once for insurance purposes. [1685]
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Timothy Wall commented
    21 Aug 05:33pm

    This would be extremely helpful when having a patient that wants to receive their own statement in the mail, but they are not the insurance subscriber

  • Andrea H commented
    30 Mar 04:04pm

    Dentrix is so late to the game. Eaglesoft has had this option forever. It's absurd that you have to link patients to the same family file in order to use the same insurance. This has been on request for years and should be a very simple fix, especially if other dental software has already done the legwork....

  • Guest Guest commented
    8 Sep, 2022 05:24pm

    How has this not been added yet?? This request is three years old! This needs to be an option. I just had a family come back to us after a few years and 5 children are aged into their own family files. The mother, who is also a patient, is the subscriber so she is currently in our system 6 times. There isn't even a way to filter out non-patients when doing a patient search so you'll see her listed 6 times and my staff will have to look closely to make sure they are selecting the correct "patient". Disappointing.

  • Amy commented
    15 Feb, 2022 01:34pm

    Still would love to have this. When a patient (child) turns 18, by HIPAA standards, they should be transferred to their own account, but since most children are on their parent's insurance until they graduate college or turn 26, this creates duplicate accounts for the parent's that hold the insurance plan. When mom/dad switch insurance companies, this would also trickle down to the kids/other family members as well instead of having to go to each account and update (hoping you don't miss one along the way or they get married and change their last name). We really need this in an update soon.

  • Guest commented
    24 Sep, 2021 06:54pm

    Any update? This is a request that we have had for many years and an important feature for Dentrix. It makes no sense to have to have a FF for someone who is not a patient in the office just because they are the insurance subscriber. There should be a Tab in Ins setup asking for the Ins Subscriber information with an option to select a family member, an option to select from our patient database or enter new information. They should not have to be part of the Family. This also will eliminate the problem of having multiple accounts for the same name resulting in the wrong file being used for posting. Not everyone takes the time to make sure they are selecting the correct file/account. PLEASE give this some immediate consideration.

  • Heidi Ball-Kilbourne commented
    13 Oct, 2020 12:32pm

    Any updates on this?

  • Samantha Nei commented
    15 Jun, 2020 07:41pm

    This needs to be done ASAP. We have divorced families that cannot and should not be on the same accounts, but have insurance through a parent/step parent.

  • Guest commented
    2 Jun, 2020 10:32pm

    This would help keep down the number of duplicate appointments or the number of adult children on their parents' family file.

  • Keith Kennedy commented
    17 Jan, 2020 04:47pm

    It would be efficient to be able to use a patient for insurance from a family member that is not in a family file without having to add the family members together. There are families who are divorced who have an absent parent that carries the insurance for kids and should not be listed as part of the family file. Some of the people that hold insurance for the kids but are not a part of a household are also patients and need to be listed as their own account guarantor on their own account. This would alleviate having to enter a patient twice in our system as an active patient for their own account and non-active to the family file the provide insurance for. This gets too confusing and is too much work to enter. Give an option to search for any patient to use as an insurance subscriber for a patient on that account.

  • Guest commented
    4 Dec, 2019 07:40pm

    Please hurry up and make this happen. This software is very limiting for the cost. 

  • Guest commented
    12 Sep, 2019 08:31pm

    Since children are now carried by their parents on insurance until age 26 we need to be able to make the child their own chart and use the parent as the subscriber, or keep them on the parents account and make them their own guarantor. Bills will then go to the 26 year old and not the parents.

  • Guest commented
    24 Jul, 2019 01:21pm

    I had this option when we had Data team and microdent (yes old systems, but GREAT options)! No need to have a Pt in a 2nd time as a non-patient.  This would be very helpful now that parents have there dependent on thier insurance until the age of 26, but seperate accounts

  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    That would would be nice!!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    This is a huge issue and I would love for it to be resolved. Its kinda old fashioned to think that a family is a mom, dad, and children and the only way children can be insured is if the resposible party lives at the same residence. That is not how life works. Please fix this!
  • Mindy commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    Yes agreed! There are also adult children covered by parent's ins that are on their own accounts. With one family we had to add the same person to 3 of their grown children's accounts. I don't like the mutiple inactive accounts for one person!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    Indeed this would be great. We had Mogo in the past and they had the ability to do this!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    We always create a separate "mom" first & last name-followed by (Insurance Only) to indicate that there are more than one account, and to be sure never to post treatment or anything to the "insurance only" or "payment only" type patients. It is a fantastic idea to be able to attach to a patient already in practice with out having to have them on the account!
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    It would be helpful to have another field for Insurance Subscriber Information. In this field there should be options to select a patient record or enter new subscriber information. This way we are not creating additional files.
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    great idea ! I was going to suggest this same thing
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:35am
    I think this would be extremely helpful. Another software that I have used in the past had this all figured out and in place several years ago. Hopefully Dentrix will give this an honest look.
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