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Type in a "search field" the dental code you are trying to find

Sometimes I forget the code for a certain procedure, or forget if the code is under "Implants, Oral surgery, or Periodontics", it can be difficult when you are in a hurry to add treatments into the treatment plan when you can not remember what category to pull the code from . EXAMPLE: It would be so helpful if there was a search field on the patients chart, where you could type in the name "Frenulectomy" and it would pull up code D7963. or type in Autgenous Gingival Graft and it would pull up code D4273.

Sometimes we are asking each other if they remember the code for a certain procedure because we are having a hard time trying to find it in the drop down list of procedure codes.

  • Tami Bell
  • Sep 18 2020
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  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2021 03:42pm

    If I could vote for this a million times, I would. All of my team would love this!