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Update Place of Service in claim information

Since there are numerous Place of Service codes added to the ADA format for both dental and medical claims; insurance is now starting to require place of server whether it be in office, a medical facility, or telemedicine. The Dentrix claim creation only has a reference the Claim Information inappropriately named Place of Treatment with 4 radio buttons named office, Hosp, ECF, and Other. Currently there are numbers from 02-99 referenced in the Service Tab of the Procedure Code Setup. The only way to add any code except 11 as default is to select a radio button for either Hosp-Hospital 22, ECF-Emergency Care Facility 20 (listed as Urgent Care Facility), or Other leaving the office to guess at what other may mean. By default, 11 will be displayed in box 38 on the claim form, you have 2 other hard coded choices with the Other radio button leaving you to guess or as I did search the Web for ADA place of service codes.

The change I would like to see is the claim information window updated with the correct verbiage for “Place of Service” and change the selection method from radio button to dropdown selection defaulting to 11 but display all codes listed in the Service tab of the Procedure Code Setup in the Office Manager.

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  • Sep 10 2020
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