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Online Appointments

Please five online appointment feature as part of the service package Optimum PRO and not as a separate add-on for $99.99. This seems such an integral part of Patient Engage platform/ concept and excluding this just discourages practices from moving from Momentum to Optimum PRO.

Same goes for electronic bills. This should be incl in the serve package and NOT be an addon purchase.

Its simple for us now to create a PDF from the print function of dentrix and then email the patient. But its a headache and an addtional step. Dentrix already has the pt email so let us just email the bill automatically.

These are the things Dentrix can do to continue to stay ahead of the competition and stand out by not nickle and dime the practice.

  • Roop Phagura
  • Aug 31 2020
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  • Roop Phagura commented
    31 Aug, 2020 11:44pm

    Incorrectly categories it under Billing. Please update to correct category.