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Please Fix dentrix glitch

If there is a "/" or a space in the description example(All dentrix RCT TX's) then it causes an apt glitch. code 33141-33142-33143 etc etc.

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  • Aug 7 2020
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    10 Aug, 2020 11:18am

    If you are experiencing a problem with printing or a Dentrix error message, try the following troubleshooting steps:

    Printing - will not print

    If your printer will not print

    1. Check to see if the printer is plugged in, turned on, on-line, and has paper.

    2. If the printer is connected directly to a computer and you've been trying to print from another computer via the network, try printing locally from the computer connected to the printer. If you can print locally, you may have a network problem.

    3. Try rebooting the computer and then printing.

    4. Try printing from other programs such as Microsoft Word, Windows WordPad, or Notepad. This may help you to know if the problem is related to Dentrix or has to do with printing from Windows in general.

    Printing - prints incorrectly

    If your printer prints incorrectly

    1. Check to see if it is printing the same from all computers.

    2. Check to see if all computers are using the same printer driver (in the Office Manager, click File > Setup Printer.)

    3. Verify that all printers are set up correctly (in the Office Manager, click File > Setup Printer, then choose Properties.

    Dentrix Error Messages

    Most Dentrix error messages will consist of two numbers (for example, "Cannot read procedure log file 4 52"). It is very important to write down the exact error message in order for a support technician to help you troubleshoot.

    When you get an error message, do the following from the station with the error

    1. Close all Dentrix modules.

    2. Restart Windows. If the error was on the Dentrix server, shut down all workstations before restarting the Dentrix server.

    3. See if you still get the error. If you do, call Customer Support.