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Covid questionaire that would go from patient's phone to our office so that no one has to sign or fill out anything

DENTRIX has a problem. it is behind the times. MY HAIRDRESSER and Country club both allow me to fill forms out on my phone and I send them and it goes into my file automatically. you need to get your software engineers on this right now . we spent all day with Dentrix trying to find a way to do this and they could not figure this out. somehow get a questionnaire together that cold be attached to the website and be sent to everyone's email filled out and sent back. please get this going right this minute. your system is archaic we pay hundreds a month and we get nothing for our money. this should have been done 4 months ago when covid first started. we need the covid questionnaire that they can fill out on their phone that goes from the website to dentric starting from the patient's phone

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  • Jul 20 2020
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  • Bettina Lowe commented
    22 Aug, 2020 12:24am

    I agree with the the comment by Marg.

    We need something simpler than having them sign up for the patient portal. We just signed up with Patient Engage and none of our patients have been asked yet to create an account in the Patient Portal. We have mobile numbers for most of our patients, but email addresses for only about half of them. While we are working on getting everyone’s email address, it would be great to be able to text a link to the COVID screening form several days before- not last minute through the virtual check-in. Preferably as an AUTOMATED reminder.

    Please consider making this change a priority, since it would be such a HUGE time saver for all of us dealing with reduced staff and additional protocols right now.

  • Marg commented
    20 Aug, 2020 12:48pm

    I'm not a fan of having the portal as the main option for patients to fill out forms. Especially the COVID screen form that is used frequently. Signing up for a portal is a hassle. The Covid form is a hassle to begin with in their eyes and I need a quick way to check who is still needing to complete the task.

    I would LOVE a separate link for the COVID form, attachable to automated communications. The return would come into questionnaires and just be directed to doc ctr when completed.

  • Guest commented
    21 Jul, 2020 03:53pm