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Condition/Diagnosis should be updated when the condition or diagnosis changes

When a Condition/Diagnosis like impacted tooth or decayed tooth area has been created in Chart, the condition/diagnosis should be automatically invalidated and the date of that invalidation should be entered when the Condition/Diagnosis has been resolved.

This has been a long-time omission. Today, I had a patient who had been referred to an oral surgeon to have #2 and distally impacted #17 removed. That had been done two weeks ago, and the letter from the oral surgeon's office had been properly placed in the patient's Document Center, but the procedures had not been set complete. So, to update Chart, I went to the treatment plan for tooth #2, changed the "radio buttons" from "Treatment Plan" to "Existing Other Prov" changed the date the treatment plan was made to the date that the treatment was performed, and clicked the "OK" button. Then I had to do the same thing for tooth #17. Updated (I thought.)

But a look at the chart hours later shows the red oval circle and distal-pointing arrow symbol of "impacted tooth, distal" over a toothless #17 area.

So, I clicked "Tooth" on the Progress Notes and then scrolled to find that entry, double-clicked it, clicked the button for "Invalidate Condition/Diagnosis as of '____' " ... SHOOT! What date was that tooth was removed?? >>Ding<< means, no, you can't look at the chart for the date of the extraction of #17 until this box is closed. I can look again in the patient's Document Center for that referral letter, but I have to go to the Appoinment Bood, click that patient's appointment, Click the Document Center icon, wait for my fast and RAM-packed server to crawl as it finds and brings up Document Center, find the Other Treatment Provisers, find the referral to the Oral Surgeon and get the date that the procedure was done, highlight and copy the date, go back to the "Change Condition/Diagnosis" box, right click and paste the date the procedure was performed for the date that the Condition is being invalidated, and click OK.

That's a lot of clicking time away for something that could have been handled by Dentrix when the extraction of the tooth was confirmed.

Tha same should apply for when a tooth is restored: invalidation of the Condition should be automatically handled by Dentrix.

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  • Jul 2 2020
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  • Leon Gerard commented
    5 Sep, 2023 03:22pm

    So, overall I strongly agree that when Procedures to correct a Condition are set complete, ideally those Conditions would automatically be Invalidated. I think this would be easiest for Dentrix to set up for Extractions: when a tooth is Extracted, all Conditions posted to that tooth get auto-Invalidated...obviously, same cannot happen with every Condition posted b/c the remedies for many Conditions are often more nuanced and subtle than for Extractions, but it would be an excellent project for the Developers to work on!

    Now to some of the other parts of your Comment: if you have the Condition opened in order to Invalidate it as of a particular date and you don't remember the date to enter, you should just be able to look at the Chart behind the Condition window and see the date that you've entered for the Extraction and enter that date in the " of" date field. If you can't see the Procedure behind the open Condition window, just close the window and use the filter button called "By Selected Teeth" in the tool bar of the Chart - this is a very powerful tool to use in Dentrix Chart! By hitting that button, all the Procedure Notes disappear with the exception of any teeth that you click on to select in the Chart. So you absolutely don't have to go to the trouble of accessing that OS report in the Doc Ctr to get the date: just hit that button and select the tooth in question and the date of the procedure is right there, as only those Procedures assigned to the selected tooth are displayed. Then go back into your Condition and Invalidate it with the correct date.

    When you said that you would have to go back into Appointment Book in order to get into the pt's Doc Ctr, you should know that pretty much every module has a shortcut button to enter the pt's Doc Ctr in it. So if you needed to see that OS report, just hit the Doc Ctr button in the pt's Chart, rather than having to go into the App't Bk. Hope all this helps.