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Units of time for visit

Hi Brad, still having a lot of questions and frustrations with this section of tx plans. (For years)

After you create each visit, we need to easily have a pop up to ask for units of time. 

So if you setup visit 1, it should then ask the units of time needed. This should then show up under that visit. 

Putting a note attached one of the procedures does not work well. When the receptionist sees this tx in the appt window, she has to check each procedure to find that note. 

Canada does not attach units of time to procedure codes because this only works if you are doing one procedure that day. 

 Example.  If you set a Resin 3 surface filing at 3units, it's ok if that's the only thing you need to book, But if you are doing 3 fillings at a visit--dr would not book 9 units, probably 7 units.  

 All other software here can easily attached units of times to appts. 

  • Brad Royer
  • Oct 15 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Leon Gerard commented
    9 Sep, 2019 07:42pm

    Hi Brad! Xlnt suggestion! Also, see my suggestion of adding a column for Sequencing in the Progress Notes section of Patient Chart. This would be in addition to/linked to the sequencing that is currently in the Treatment Planner Layout submodule. Adding a Sequencing column to Progress Notes/Procedures makes perfect sense because then it's v. easily seen / easily accessed. There appears to be plenty of "real estate" available there to add this column.