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Patient information status needs to have more than "male" "female" ie: other, transgender.

We have had patients that would like to change their gender and we do not have any other option other than male and female. They feel this is not right and have become upset with us. Options like other and transgender need to be added. This seems to be something that is becoming more common and could possibly be a legal issue.

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  • Jun 3 2020
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  • Jun 4, 2020

    Admin response

    Thank you for the feedback! We are currently working on adding the option of "other" to gender selection.

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  • Richard Fossum commented
    23 Jun, 2021 02:30pm

    Just change the wording to: Biological Male or Female? ______

  • Guest commented
    25 Jun, 2020 04:48pm

    In a clinical setting, "male", "female" denote basic human anatomy which is necessary for scientific diagnoses and treatment. A gender "preference" should not impact this decision (as should a gender change because that actually alters basic anatomy). I cannot send "other", etc... to a colleague and expect them to make an educated diagnoses per scientific standards. Regardless of how a person wants to be thought of, we'll still be held to the male/female anatomy when it comes to the actual treatment of the patient. There's simply no way around this.

  • Guest commented
    10 Jun, 2020 09:24pm

    Patients do not like "other" they state it is "non-binary gender"