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Report Owner Labeling in Office Manager

Clearing the office manager is, an all or none proposition. Sometimes reports get cleared by one administrative user (Doctor) when another (Office Manager) is in between tasks working on say an aging report. By adding a lead tag based on Username or "Lastname" field from the provider definition, it would help house cleaning tasks. It also allows for visual auditing of reports in real time rather than by the clunky auditor report.

Should look like:

OFC1: Procedures Not Attached to Insurance Claims

DDS2: Practice Analysis

SYS: Aging Report

Where OFC1 is the OM, DDS2 is one of the doctors and SYS is system generated via CRON.

in hand with this, add the ability to delete your own reports, and an option to delete global reports that is an additional permission in the user configuration for the User.

  • Albert Ramnath
  • Jun 2 2020
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