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Fix batch insurance payments

The last update completely messed up the batch insurance payments screen again. The adjustments were not pulling up as the default setting in the ledger (fixed in version 17.3.535.0), it was trying to update the payment table automatically without us checking the box (also fixed i believe), but the biggest issue still remaining is that claim status notes are still not transferring to the claim in the ledger! It seems everytime we get an update in this area, these 3 things get missed and need a hotfix. Please fix the notes problem. It's not fun to have to post a claim, then go back to the ledger just to type the notes. Thanks

  • Amy
  • May 28 2020
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  • Frances Mueller commented
    3 Aug, 2022 11:41pm

    An annoying work around for this is: go to batch insurance pymnt like normal, then instead of entering the payment in the lower section, double click the claim and enter it like you would directly from the ledger. That's what I end up doing.