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Select a patient by cell (mobile) number; not just 'home'

Select a patient by cell (mobile) number; not just 'home'. I have G6 and when I press F2 the only options it has are: Last name, First name, Preferred Name, Home Phone, Chart# and SS#. These days, most people dont have a "home" phone. Everything is cell phone. Thank you!
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  • Jul 9 2019
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  • Olympic Dental commented
    16 Aug, 2023 08:27pm

    If the search option could include all phone numbers that would be GREAT! Or if we could be given the options to modify the "By" field in the simple select patient module. For example to search by DOB. I would prefer to search by DOB because most patients don't want to give there SS#. Having to switch between the simple and advanced module while you have a patient on the phone is a nuisance.

  • Dr J commented
    13 Jan, 2023 04:51pm

    Suggested 3.5yrs ago and still on "Planning to Implement".

    Most patients do not even have a Home Phone anymore.

    Best option: the default "simple" phone number search should search all phone number fields.

    Next best option: The default "simple" phone number search should search the Mobile field instead of the Home field.

    Also, the Advanced Search should search ALL phone number fields. It currently searches all EXCEPT for Home.

  • Guest commented
    10 Feb, 2022 08:23pm

    When will this be happening, its been almost 3 years since suggested. MOST patients do not have home phones.

  • Guest commented
    15 Dec, 2020 04:30pm


  • katie fulton commented
    16 Jan, 2020 07:22pm

    yes yes yes !

  • Dr J commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:15am
    You can search by Mobile in the Advanced Search tab BUT: - The default Search By tab only searches Home (and Mobile is most people's default now). - The Advanced Search searches all of the EXCEPT for Home. (I just tested this in G7 to confirm that's still true.)
  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 04:15am
    I also add mobile phone to home number area just for this reason
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